Thursday, 21 January 2016

How To Optimize Battery Power on Android Phones

Posted by Richa Sharma
Now -a- days android phones are using by everyone. After reading this post you will get tips on saving battery on your android phones because everyone is getting irritated due to fast battery drainage. Android is totally a smart phone operating system and availability of free android apps on Google Play.In this article i will tell you how to optimize battery power on android phones.So by reading this article you'll know how to optimize battery on android phones.
How To Optimize Battery Power on Android Phones

People always get irritated due to battery backup. This is the big reason by android phone is going little down as compared to other mobiles. Samsung offers phones like Grand Note which has awesome battery backup but most of the people are facing fast battery drainage problem . We are giving you some tips and tricks which will help you to save your battery backup and it will last longer.

When the battery of our phone is fully charged ,we usually don’t focus on draining battery power. But when we play games on wifi or 3g it will drain battery fastly. But when the battery power goes down to 20% we generally stop battery draining apps and services, and that’s the time to charge the android phone battery instantly. Keeping an extra battery pack is a good idea this will ensure you never run out of battery . I suggest you to follow tips for better battery performance and battery life.

Use wifi :-

Use wifi only when required. Turn off the wifi when not needed. It will saves your battery power to drain.
Not enable auto sync:-

In Android Smart Phones by default option of syncing files with servers is automatically after a set interval of time. So you can manually turn off the auto sync in setting. By doing this you will see effects in battery life and Performance.

Minimum no of widgets:-

Do not use more widgets on your display because widgets are powered to be live and working in background. Use minimum no of widgets to increase the battery life.

Manually Kills Background Apps:-

Almost all people have a bad habit of leaving the applications in background. Now a days human being is going to be too lazy like an animals but if you want a better battery performance don’t forget to kill background apps. Now Background killer apps available for free download on Google Play store.
Set the screen time out:-

Set the minimum screen time out for battery optimization and Backup. By default the screen time is maximum.


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