Friday, 15 January 2016

Tips to secure Facebook From Hackers

Posted by Richa Sharma
Today everyone is concerned about Facebook security and want secure from hackers.But no one need to a worry about your Facebook  security.I am giving you the tips which will secure Facebook  from hackers.
See all the below mentioned security tips for Facebook ,and have to be implemented in proper way.By Applying these mentioned security tips you will secure your Facebook Account from the hackers target and you will be safe from Facebook users.

Tips to secure Facebook From Hackers

1.Sharing Content must be Restricted from public :-

The most important thing is content must be restricted and not seen easily seen by unknown users. When someone share a post even on friends wall but with this post is visible by unknown users by Facebook default setting.To preventing this visibility to unknown users one must restrict sharing from being seen to prevent security and complete privacy.

1.Go to your Facebook account and click the Lock icon at top of menu.
2.After this from drop menu ,click the Who Can See My Stuff?
3.Then , Change the public option to Friends to prevent content visibility for unknown users.

If someone is disturbing you and sending spam on your account then its the time to take step and go to privacy option to save your account. Facebook gives you the option to block that user and then that user will not be able to send any message to you.

Steps to block the users:-
Log in on your account and go to lock option.
From drop box an option will come How Do I stop Someone From Bothering
You will have to enter the username and name of the person whom you want to block.


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