Monday 8 February 2016

Android Top 10 Apps of 2016

Recently Android platform graced with the new applications with great wonderful features, which will gives you vast amount of usefulness and a great bit of fun and everyone can’t live without them. I grouped the android top 10 apps of 2016.
Android Top 10 Apps of 2015

1. Luxe – Valet Parking on Demand

If anyone facing a problem of parking a location on demand by user and can’t locate the location. So this application is an excellent solution for them. First of all this application is easily available on Google Play Store. Install it and It works very simple setup your request to designated location, on request someone park your car from Luxe for you. To download the app click here.

2. Vessel

First of all , Vessel is an application through which you can stream your media content as much like from You Tube , everyone can pay for subscription and this will provides you the early access to loved content  by creators a few days before the uploaded to YouTube . If everyone like to see things on you Tube to be the first. So, Vessel is the only solution to consuming your video. This app is easily available on Google Play Store. To download the app click here.

3. Cloud Player

If everyone wants value of your own music library and wants the freedom to more listening. Cloud Player gives you that through streaming your personal music from different cloud storage service like Box, Drop box and from others. To download this app click here.

4.  Kamcord

If anyone is mobile gamer and wants a fair share of gaming experience on a tablet or Smartphone , Kamcord is ability to record your game play on screen with both audio and voice recording ability if anyone who commentate the game that you play for others to watch. This app is really great for them. To download this app click here.

5. portal

The portal app creates an easy way of share files between pc and smartphone or tablet. Anyone can transfer whole entire folder and single file. By using the app boasts you can transfer your files very quickly and fastly even for heavy files which are over 1GB or 2 GB in size which are frequently large in size. Click on link to download the app.

6. Adobe Photoshop Mix

If you are a photo editing maniac . And you want to edit photos in portable Android app device or tab so for those people Adobe launch new Photoshop Mix to create fun with your pics. You can cut photos and edit easily by simply drag your finger. With this you can image merging options and work on all your project. And able to save your live projects on the Adobe Cloud. Click on link to download the app.

7. Colbr

This app is for Stephen Colbert fans. This app contain updates and news of Colbert upcoming role and the upcoming host of The Late Show as he takes over David Letterman, But also you can download thousands of video clips with hilarious Stephen Colbert .So this app must for Stephen Colbert fans. Click on link to download the app.

8. Clock

It’s a simple and pretty app. It’s an Android clock app from lollipop with the touches of material design for any Android device of Kitkat. It a very simple and basic clock and features are very basic and simple. User friendly interface. Click on link to download the app.

9.  Amazon cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is a new online storage option who wants to store important data and files securely. Now on Google Play Store Android App of Amazon Cloud Drive is available to download but version is beta and users can access to their files across the devices with Cloud Drive online storage. Click on link to download the app.

10. Shoot

Shoot is the new Android app for transferring the files between devices from the Bit Torrent team. With Android Shoot app anyone can choose and pick the files which they want to share with someone, but you have to start the send process which will generate the QR code , then who want the files can scan the QR code with a shoot on their devices after pressing the receive button . And you’ll get the files. Click on link to download the app.