Thursday 4 February 2016

Extensions For Facebook To Make More Cool And Fun

Extensions For Facebook To Make More Cool And Fun

In this article I'll introduce to some extensions for Facebook  to make more cool and fun.Are you satisfied with the sharing of pictures, status, link on Facebook . Don’t think that developers of social networking (facebook) will get new to get something everyday new to you. Apply these extensions  to make more fun and cool hacks,through which you can do more fun interaction with your Facebook friends.
Download the entire album

Everyone loves to see travel album that is posted by your friend . But to download at one time full album is not possible . If you want to download full album at one time ,try  Bulk Download Images . With this extension you’ll able to  download full album and save your time.To Download Click on link.

Download form here

Say No More To Ads

Everyone sees the irritating ads in right corner of your pop up of your Facebook wall. To Avoid this everyone can install Facebook Adblock  extension from Google Chrome store. This will make your Facebook ad free that irritating you. To Download Click on link.
Download from Here

Zoom That Photo

If everyone want to zoom into Facebook picture. You don’t require to download picture and launch in computer. By using the extension called  PhotoZoom for Facebook,with this everyone can zoom into the picture by hovering the mouse above photo without downloading the image from Facebook. To Download Click on link.