Sunday 21 February 2016

Top Games Of Android 2016

Here are top games of android 2015. Now a days android devices are improved day by day and its growth is tremendous improving of CPU (central processing units with GPU (graphical processing units). Now a days...... come mobile phone are supporting HD and Extreme Powerful Games to play very smoothly. But there are so many games on Google Play Store for android that it is difficult to choose which game is best or not? .

Most of the games on Google Play Store are totally free but some need money to download. But one thing is sure; many games have an great experience and hours of fruitful fun. And It is possible to have a great gaming experience on the Android phones, tablets due to improved hardware and cpu with octacore multi-core processors.

Top Games Of Android 2016
The purpose of writing this article is not to tell that games are so powerful. To tell that if anyone has to download the games on Google Play Store which is best or not need not to worry? I have listed the selected games which are most popular and downloaded these days.

Temple Run 2

If someone is feeling bore and wants to spend time joyfully. In running games there is a Temple Run game with endless running stages with aim of collecting coins and points and your way pass through forest zip lines and caves. The game is graphically excellent and had received many great reviews from gamer communities. But the previous version is Temple Run And Temple Run is improved version with excellent graphics. To download the game click on the link.

Candy Crush Saga

The craziest and most popular game on android device is Candy Crush Saga and millions of people enjoyed this game. The game has 400 levels of levels and to become master of this game is very difficult. Now a day everyone is on Facebook everyone can play this game with their friends just by integrating Facebook. The game is created massively success on Google Play Store and tops the chart consistently. The Game is a addictive puzzle and can be played by multiple player. So this game is must for everyone. And great thing is that it is totally free of cost and available free on Google Play Store. To download the game click on the link.

Asphalt 8 : Airborne

This game is for car racing maniacs and is best game available on Android Play Store Asphalt 8 : Airborne . The graphics of this game is excellent And with great levels of racing tracks and levels with difficult levels. If you are really a racing freak then this game is for them. This game is improved version of NFS who are bored playing NFS can shift to Asphalt 8 : Airborne.To download the game click on the link.

Angry Birds

Gaming list can’t be completed without the Famous Angry Bird Game. There are some people who didn’t like this game and disliking the Game But there are also ten million people who like this game very much. The game includes a puzzle called Bad Piggies and of racing angry birds going. The game includes about around five types of different birds that are seemingly with very anger and hit the glasses of building to smash them off. The levels of game are up by winning over the piglets. It seems very clearly that game is hitting and world and Google Play Store by killing bird’s pork.To download the game click on the link.

Subway Surfers

An endless running for Android is Subway Surfers which breaks the record of popularity and breaks the download chart. The game is of running and collecting maximum coins to win the scores and also escapes from an inspector and his dog. And powered by jetpack to lightning the running speed. This game can bring challenge someone to break the record of previews scores. This game is very addictive. The levels are added by new beautiful cities by developer of this game. So this game is must for everyone.To download the game click on the link.


Finally there is good news for sports lover game. Now on Android devices EA SPORTS launches FIFA for Android versions . And distribution is Absolute free On Google Play Store by the leaders of game developers. In this game you can play by selecting one of the team from 600 and leagues of 33 in a no of language. This game is amazing graphics on the sport of soccer with great touch controls of mobile device. There is no advertisement on this game but offers in app purchases.To download the game click on the link.