Sunday 13 March 2016

Android Play Store Creative Tricks

Everyone really like to visit the play store for new applications? Here is some android play store creative tricks with which you can explore amazing features in play store.

In play store you can choose thousand of apps. These apps are being used by millions of android users. These tricks will give you awareness while using plays store on your Android phone. Here are 4 Play store tricks for android users You will get knowledge and get awareness after applying these tricks and you will see the result soon after applying them.

You can apply these tricks at any time and you will learn new things about play store.
Here are the tricks listed below.
While using play store you always purchase any app which you like best. You should set the password before purchasing any apps . No other person can purchase any app from your phone   because it will ask you for password while purchasing. Getting protected from such attempts you should apply these trick because it is a matter of money.

To set password on your apps apply these steps:-
  • Open Play Store from your phone.
  • Simply go to settings option and choose password option
  • Enter the password you want to keep while purchasing the apps and then press OK.
  1. Add Your Apps To Wishlist Which You Like Most:
This is another awesome trick that you can create your Wishlist. In this you can manage all your favorite apps in one list. You can add all your downloads app as well as your purchase apps.
  • These are the steps to add your app in Wishlist:-
  • Select the app you want to add to Wishlist.
  • Tap on Banner and on add to wishlist option from top .
  • It will add your app to wishlist.
  1. Check Your Favourite Apps:
In this I'll tell you that how to check your app in wishlist and you can see your all favorite apps which you have just added in your wishlist.
To check your Favorite apps follow these steps:-
  • Open Play store from your phone.
  • Swipe right and go to wishlist option
  • After wishlist dialog box open then it will show you the app that you have added to wishlist option.
  1. Update All Your Apps Once:
You should update your apps which you have download from play store because every time a new update means a new software for your phone. You can update all your apps at once also.
These are the steps to auto update an app:-
  • Open Play store from your phone.
  • Then swipe at right side from your phone.
  • Go to My app option.
  • Press update all option.
Your all apps will start get update.