Sunday, 6 March 2016

How To Make Ringtones On Your Iphone

Posted by Richa Sharma
How To Make Ringtones On Your Iphone

In this article we will teach y ou how to make your ringtones on your Iphone. While using your iphone you see ringtones in very short collection. All time you go to itunes for and browse for ringtones. That why iphone users only use simple iphone ringtone. Sometimes you record a song and make that your ringtone.  Ringtone is only of 35 sec long . It is not only to tell you about the it looks nice to other people also. Now i will tell you that how you can make a ringtone on your iphone . It is very simple. It is very fun to make. There are many software by which you can make ringtones on which song you want. It is easy and free. To Download Click on link.

Here Are The Steps By Which You Can Make Ringtone On Your Iphone:
  • All you need is a collection of your favorite music or good music by selecting your favorite music you can make a good ringtone. Your ringtone should be soft and not should be totally hip/hop style.
  • Select your favorite song which you want to make the ringtone and right click on that song on go to info option.
  • After that go to timings option for selecting starting and ending point of your ringtone. Timings should be of 30-45 sec long  .
  • After doing these steps only you have to do is that right click on that song and go to create AAC version. Your ringtone will create with same name but in m4a version.
  • Go to converted file and right click on that and select the option of show in window. After selecting this option new window will open and and that will will show your converted file. Rename the file by going to right click option  and add the extension to m4r  .
  • All you have done to make your ringtone for iphone. Drag that file in itunes and go to sync option. After doing this your ringtone will added to ringtones folder.


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