Sunday 20 March 2016

Top Security Applications For Your Android

In today’s time everyone knows about security features on your android phone. Company’s has also increased the security in latest technologies . But in android phone technology has totally changed and has improved in many ways. You can get thousands of  security software’s from play store. What happen if you lost your android phone? You don’t have any information to trace your lost phone. Now i am telling you Top Security Applications for your android.
Top Security Applications For Your Android

1. Wheres My Droid:

In this app you need android version of 2.3 or more than it. This app will help you to find your phone.  This app has so many features. You can do make ring, you can on GPS location. This app will tell you sim remove information also.  In this app there is a Provision with the help of this feature you can lock your device. Hide your applications. Gps can co-ordinate your device with Google if you can’t listen to ring of your phone. To download click here.

2. Lost Android:

Its name is giving about this app description that this app is surely to find your lost phone. You can control this app with your phone or with the help of website.  In this app you get features of Locking your Phone, You can receive and send sms . With the help of Gps you can locate your phone.  With the help of Wi-fi you can take pictures with your mobile camera.To download click here.

3. Phone locator:

This software help you to find your phone with the help of satellite. This help in finding accurate position of your phone.  Many users have installed this app on android. It needs android version of 3.0 or more than it. To download click here.

4. Anti –Theft & Find My Phone:

This app is very popular that helps you to locate your android phone. In this app you get so many features like Finding your phone , You can share your location any friend or family member with the help of Google Maps.  With the help of locking option you can change your pin.To download click here.