Sunday 12 June 2016


We all know that Microsoft company has recently launched its new version of windows that is windows 10. Firstly company has launched its windows 8 and windows 8.1

Now when you will buy a new computer or new Laptop you will get windows 10 installed in it. Company has designed this windows in that way that it can run on Phones , Tablets, Pc’s and laptops.  Company has also tell that many people are using older version that is windows 7. But company want to erase that memory of 2012 and company wants to use now new windows on computers and laptops that is windows 10.

Microsoft company has skipped the name of windows 9. Many people didn’t like windows 8 to use in their computers and laptops because they think they make their computer very sagging.

Company  want that people should use their new version of windows that is windows 10 on every devices. Company has also thinks that if people like their new version of windows 10 then they will make more nice and useful apps for mobile and pc’s that will use on  windows 10.The CEO Satya Nadella of Microsoft Company says that he want more than 1 billions users should  use windows 10 in coming years .

Microsoft company has says that with the help of windows 10 users can use web very fast and their are many nice apps that will make computer  very easy to start . Company has given 1 new feature on windows 10 that is you can log in to your computer with face detection, iris and thumb nail and if you choose these option you will no longer to remember your password. You can use these types of privacy with right equipments.

Now-a-days  users used all net in their mobiles and tablets . Now windows 10 will also come in upcoming mobiles and tablets. Windows 10 has very nice features and computer companies are hoping to increase their business .

Most of the users are using windows 7 but some are using windows 8 also. But now the time to change and their is a new platform that is windows 10 with hole new interface and many new interesting features and new login types.