Thursday 23 June 2016

Samsung to launch Consumer Gear VR

Samsung to launch Consumer Gear VR

  Samsung company has launched their many new featured smart phones. Now they are releasing their new device that s Samsung Gear VR smart watch very soon this year.

Samsung has launched its new second generation VR headset in March for its Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  Samsung company will soon launched its third generation VR headset very soon.
Samsung company CEO JK Shin  has said that they will launch Third Generation VR headset very soon.  Company has not given any details about this device. They have also said that new generation VR headset will compatible will all latest smart phones. It is being hope that Samsung company will launched new and more new features in coming time.

Company CEO Sin has not tell how much time will it take to launch their new generation VR headset and it will be more surprising for all.  At IIfa Samsung company will tell about specifications of their new device. He also said that at the end of this year all Samsung lovers will love their new smart watch .

Like all other Samsung nice devices this smart watch is also very nice.