Sunday 17 July 2016

Blackberry Reduced The Prices Of PRIV

Blackberry Reduced The Prices Of PRIV

A good news for Blackberry users as last week charges of Blackberry Priv reduced by $50. Blackberry tried is increase number of sales after look at results of fourth quarter.

On blackberry's official website  you will be able to view new price of blackberry priv as $649 which was
available in $699 earlier. Moreover, Blackberry has reduced the charges of accessories by 30%.

Nevertheless, deal will be available in the market for T-Mobile and AT&T users only.Under a clause all
smartphones which will be sold by Blackberry will not work on other networks like Sprint , Verizon or any
other Cellulars in United states.

Currently on Verizon's website blackberry Priv is available for $720 which you cannot find on US Cellular or
Sprint websites.

Blackberry decided to make changes in the price of PRIV due to heavy fall in revenue that expectation in its
earning reports of fourth quarter.

The year before there was huge down fall in revenue, In this quarter $464 from $660 million and in previous
quarter it was $548 million.

According to John Chen CEO of blackberry said that the number of device was beneath assumption and the  are thankful for delay in negotiation about contract of Blackberry PRIV along with T-Mobile and Verizon.

CEO said in 34 different countries blackberry Priv has already launched and by further 14 carriers in more 6
countries with distribution in work.

John Chen said may be in Late April or in early May 2016 for Blackberry PRIV cordial update of Android will be released.