Sunday, 10 January 2016

What is TrueCaller App

Posted by Richa Sharma
In this article I'll tell you what is True Caller App. When ever we get missed call from any unknown number we have to call back and him about himself. Now there is a app which is TrueCaller App from which you can check about that number that this call is from any tell caller company or any person is calling you means you can now check that this call is important for you or not. You can install this app on any smart phones from play store. This app is available for all operating system on your phone.

What is TrueCaller App

How This Apps Work:-

It is a Global Dynamic Directory means it reads phonebook on which phone you have installed the software. This is best software for knowing the information of missed calls.
Benefits Of Using True caller:-
  1. You can find the detail of that number.
  2. You can sync this software with your phonebook. By doing this you can get missing information details.
  3. From this software you can block spam contacts like tellecallers.
  4. It is available for all operating system like Apple, Android, blackberry, windows.
  5. This software is available in all countries and almost for all mobiles.

Why To Use True Caller?

This software is tottaly free and it helps you to identify the number from unknown call.
By this software you can save your lot of time. By this software you can block unwanted calls.
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