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Sunday, 19 April 2020

Netflix Subscription Offer- Get Netflix At Just Rs 5 For 30 Days

Posted by Richa Sharma 2 Comments
Netflix Subscription Offer: WebTechLand
Netflix Subscription Offer

Netflix Subscription Offer - In today's offer post I am going to cover Netflix Subscription offer, After using this offer you will get:
  • Netflix Subscription At Rs 5.

  • Subscription for 30 days.

  • Unlimited Movies, shows.

  • And much more.
Now let me tell you some key points of Netflix, Netflix is an online media service provider, like Hotstar, I hope you already know about Hotstar, it is also a media-services provider. The one thing which makes the Netflix unique from Hotstar is that Netlfix is also a production company.

The company was founded on 29 August 1997, and providing its services globally since then, Netflix started providing its services in India a few years back, Also check - Idea Free Internet Data.

The cheapest Netflix plan starts from Rs 199 in India and then the price increases to Rs 799. There are 4 different plans with different features, named as Mobile, Basic, standard and premium.

As said above, The mobile plans cost Rs 199, Basic plans cost the customer Rs 499, The Standard plan cost Rs 649 and the last is the expensive one which costs Rs 799 in India. If you select the Netflix Premium subscription plan then you can watch the Movies & shows in ULTRA HD. However, the ULTRA HD feature us not available in any other Plan of Netflix.

Now let me tell you about the Netflix subscription offer, through which you can enjoy Netflix premium at Rs 5 for 30 days.

Are you excited to know about this offer?

I have mentioned all the steps down below which are required to avail Netflix premium subscription at Rs 5, including the terms and conditions of the offer, So, follow the below-given steps and make sure to share this offer with your friends.

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How to Avail this Netflix Offer -

  1. First of all Goto Netflix from here or download its app from Google Play store.

  2. If you already have a Netflix app in your smartphone then clear its data from settings.

  3. Then register a new account by entering your email address. 

  4. Now on the Netflix app, you will get banner of "30 days free trial At Rs 5"

  5. Click on this banner and enroll Netflix for 30 days.

  6. After that, add your credit or debit card and then enter the card CVV code and other details.

  7. Now, complete your transaction of Rs 5 from your card on the Netflix app.

  8. Note - You can also use any virtual debit card like Kotak 811, Paytm debit card, Pockets card and more.

  9. Now enjoy watching shows, movies, and other things at just Rs 5.

  10. You can watch Netflix on your mobile phone and tablet.

Netflix Subscription Offer Terms -

  1. This offer is valid for a limited time.

  2. The offer is valid only on the Netflix app.

  3. The customer will get 1 Month subscription At Rs 5. This offer is valid for new Netflix users or customers. This offer is valid only when users pay through credit or debit cards.

  4. This offer is valid on Netflix’s monthly subscription.

  5. Netflix reserves the right to change or modify this offer anytime.

  6. Customers can cancel the subscription at any point in time.

Conclusion -

When you enroll for the Netflix subscription at Rs 5, Then you have to cancel the subscription next month before 30 days, or you will be charged by the mobile plan price from your credit or debit card.

If you like this offer, then share this offer with your friends. Also, if you have any concerns regarding this offer then do comment below. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible
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Monday, 13 March 2017

Like WhatsApp, VentureApp thinking to launch new messaging app for professionals with $4Million funds

Posted by Richa Sharma
Today, I am sharing information with all of you about VentureApp, a business chat App for Professionals, But before going further  let me explain you want exactly Venture App.

VentureApp is an App or we can say platform for businesses with the help of which they can find new business partners and contact to their businesses. We can say as WhatsApp is a social chatting App, Similarly VentureApp is Professional chatting App.
VentureApp Plans for New Professional Messaging App : Webtechland
VentureApp Plans for New Professional Messaging App : Webtechland
VentureApp is founded by Garbarino in association with Kevin McCarthy and Greg Gomer Co founders along with him for Streetwise Media and as well as with Boris Revsin and Jared Stenquist who are founders of Dailybreak. Very softly company developed with the team of 30 including 200 hosting companies paying to have their hubs on this platform. With this funding, the team is planning to carry on by add more features, Along with introducing a professional App for mobile chatting or messaging.

Now VentureApp is planning to provide service of messaging for businesses that would be easy than earlier as they are thinking to be a hub of mobile chatting and Online for their user, businesses and professionals. In order to achieve this target company has already built funding of $4 Million with its inverters’.

From the time it started and now there is huge change in it. Earlier it focused on small business providers, mainly on those who were at their startup stage. Main feature of VentureApp is its messaging, where they have provided a professional marketplace for businesses.
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VentureApp is focusing on its messaging feature. These days we can find number of messaging Apps for social chatting but professional chatting App are not really available for business networks.

Services which we use for communication or we can say chatting is already divided as for social Facebook/WhatsApp and for Professional LinkedIn. When we talk about WhatsApp or Facebook massenger, everybody is aware of this fact that both of them are very much popular these days due to their quick services but when it comes to LinkedIn messaging service its static, is reason being spontaneous communication or messaging becomes spam and ultimately ignored.

In order to avoid spam, VentureApp wishes to present an easier platform for messaging which will be available for every professional contacts of yours. Once you Login, very easily you will be able to connect with all contacts from Outlook, Google Apps and Gmail. Moreover you can also upload contact lists of your contacts there. Once all uploading of professional contacts finish, you can start using service of chatting or messaging with your Professional contacts regarding your business.

VentureApp wants to support its users by avoid messages or chat who are unsolicited. While in LinkedIn service providers and businesses keep on sending Spam messages every time. Users can directly contact to service providers but service providers can not directly contact to them. Hence, VentureApp provides feature where its users can select messages from other users or businesses before their session starts.

LinkedIn charges its users for more searching on its network and using sending InMail service.VentureApp has a positive path; it will charge from only businesses who want to be available for probable customers so that they can contact to them.

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

How To View Most Recent Feed in Facebook App

Posted by Richa Sharma
How To View Most Recent Feed in Facebook App
In order to view the most recent feed in Facebook App you need to follow these steps. It seems to be view that Facebook interface is changed time to time by the latest UI Design with clearer look surface. But with the changing UI Designs a few things are harder to find one of view the most recent feed in the Facebook new app.There is no any default way to set it. But anyone have to see the most recent posts first you have to click on option.

The latest version of Facebook app shows only the top Stories view for news feed , which shows the relevant content for you , rather than the recent Post On The Facebook .In previews app of Facebook anyone simply change the settings from default to show most recent in the main view. But in New Facebook app It is not possible to change the settings from default to show Most Recent in the main view easily.

If anyone want to view the most recent feed , then swipe to the far right tab horizontal 3 lines ,titled “More” on your Facebook app , then scrolls down to “feeds” section , right under the “Apps”. Here under the apps you will see different feeds that you have created with your family group and friends , but You will see the “Most Recent” as the option you want that swipe the “most recent” by swiping the option you will be able to view your News Feed on time rather than change settings again and again. After this go back to the settings page and swipe the “News Feed” button in the top left corner on your Facebook app.

So, after the whole setting the main news feed view of the Facebook new app will always a top Story.So this is the solution of viewing the most recent feed in the new Facebook app. If anyone is using the old version of Facebook. Click on the link to download app.
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Friday, 12 February 2016

Top Iphone Apps

Posted by Richa Sharma
While using iphone you get lots of ios software. While seeing all the apps you will get confused that which app is good to download. It is great idea to download free apps and not to download paid apps. Here are some best iphone apps that you can download on your mobile phone.In this article I'will tell you top iphone apps.
Top Iphone Apps

Look at these things before downloading the app on your mobile phone:-
Interface :  The app which you are downloading should be easy to understand. The controls of that app should be easy to understand. It saves your time.

Features : When you are searching for app you want to download it should have a full set of features. Which app has full feature will surely commit to developers commitment.

Graphics : This is important that an app or software which you are downloading must have good graphics.
Program The program file should be normal in size. Smaller the size of the app will you you will have more memory space on your phone. You can download high space games i don’t say that you cant downloads it will take more memory of your phone.

Stability : This is main part. Which apps freeze or restart your phone should not be used.
Here Are The List Of Iphone apps

1. Facebook

Facebook allow you to connect with your friends at any time and at any where. Facebook also allows you to do video chat with your friends. You can manage your pages app on your phone. To download click on link.

2. Instagram

This app is very nice to use. This apps also allow you to gives your photos a new stand. You can share your photo with one click in this software. You can follow all your favorite actors also in instagram. This app is also available for android for android users and you can download this app from App Store.To download click on link.

3. Twitter

Twitter is awesome app and it also allow you to follow your favorite apps music and celebrities. You can follow all your favorites and you can get all latest updates also. It is very nice app. To download click on link.

4. Evernote

This app is very easy to use. You can do many things in this software like you can create to-do-list voice recording you can make notes. In premium mode you can make notes in offline modes. You can use them at any time in offline mode. This app is one of the best iphone app in iphone. To download click on link.

5. Photosynth

In this you can share your photos in panoramas that photo you want to remember. It can be made in any way from down to left & left to right and you can capture it in full sphere . Latest version allows you to share your pics to twitter and etc. To download click on link.

6. Dropbox

With the help of this software you don’t need any data cable or itunes to sync your documents and pictures. This software will create a new folder on your computer and in your phone from where you can sync your data easily. You can download any pdf file in your iphone and with the help of drop you can share that file easily on your computer. To download click on link.
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