Sunday, 3 April 2016

How To Block Anyone On Facebook

Posted by Richa Sharma
How To Block Anyone On Facebook

How To Block Anyone On Facebook

Everyone knows that today Facebook is on top. This app is used by millions of people at present. On Facebook you can chat with all your old & new friends and with family members as well. This app is one of the greatest app and we can not only do chat but we can do many more things like play games, we can do video call with our friends & relatives. There are many privacy options to secure your account.Now i am going to tell you that how you can block any one of Facebook.

These Are The Steps To Block People On Facebook :
·         Firstly you have to login to your account.
·         Type the name or email of that person which you want to block.
·         Profile of that person will open.
·         Go to message next option box.
·         After that one box will open.
·         Block option will come.
·         After pressing block option confirm message will come.
·         Click on confirm option.
·         That person will block and never able to message you till you unblock that person.
What Happens After Blocking That Person:
·         There are many benefits of blocking someone on facebook
·         That person will not be able to see your profile pic.
·         That person can’t see your new status updates.
·         That person will not be able to see your pic on comments.
·         That person can’t poke you.


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