Monday 13 March 2017

Like WhatsApp, VentureApp thinking to launch new messaging app for professionals with $4Million funds

Today, I am sharing information with all of you about VentureApp, a business chat App for Professionals, But before going further  let me explain you want exactly Venture App.

VentureApp is an App or we can say platform for businesses with the help of which they can find new business partners and contact to their businesses. We can say as WhatsApp is a social chatting App, Similarly VentureApp is Professional chatting App.
VentureApp Plans for New Professional Messaging App : Webtechland
VentureApp Plans for New Professional Messaging App : Webtechland
VentureApp is founded by Garbarino in association with Kevin McCarthy and Greg Gomer Co founders along with him for Streetwise Media and as well as with Boris Revsin and Jared Stenquist who are founders of Dailybreak. Very softly company developed with the team of 30 including 200 hosting companies paying to have their hubs on this platform. With this funding, the team is planning to carry on by add more features, Along with introducing a professional App for mobile chatting or messaging.

Now VentureApp is planning to provide service of messaging for businesses that would be easy than earlier as they are thinking to be a hub of mobile chatting and Online for their user, businesses and professionals. In order to achieve this target company has already built funding of $4 Million with its inverters’.

From the time it started and now there is huge change in it. Earlier it focused on small business providers, mainly on those who were at their startup stage. Main feature of VentureApp is its messaging, where they have provided a professional marketplace for businesses.
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VentureApp is focusing on its messaging feature. These days we can find number of messaging Apps for social chatting but professional chatting App are not really available for business networks.

Services which we use for communication or we can say chatting is already divided as for social Facebook/WhatsApp and for Professional LinkedIn. When we talk about WhatsApp or Facebook massenger, everybody is aware of this fact that both of them are very much popular these days due to their quick services but when it comes to LinkedIn messaging service its static, is reason being spontaneous communication or messaging becomes spam and ultimately ignored.

In order to avoid spam, VentureApp wishes to present an easier platform for messaging which will be available for every professional contacts of yours. Once you Login, very easily you will be able to connect with all contacts from Outlook, Google Apps and Gmail. Moreover you can also upload contact lists of your contacts there. Once all uploading of professional contacts finish, you can start using service of chatting or messaging with your Professional contacts regarding your business.

VentureApp wants to support its users by avoid messages or chat who are unsolicited. While in LinkedIn service providers and businesses keep on sending Spam messages every time. Users can directly contact to service providers but service providers can not directly contact to them. Hence, VentureApp provides feature where its users can select messages from other users or businesses before their session starts.

LinkedIn charges its users for more searching on its network and using sending InMail service.VentureApp has a positive path; it will charge from only businesses who want to be available for probable customers so that they can contact to them.