Thursday 30 June 2016

Lenovo Transparent Display

Lenovo has launched its new smart phone named ZUK Z1 . The main thing about this smart phone is that this phone has transparent screen

Lenovo Transparent Display

On Tuesday  there was an event and posted some images on Weibo  they showed images of smart phone  and that has really transparency glass like display.  Lenovo new smart phone perform all same functions like other smart phones.

There is  no many details about this smart phone. Wallpaper on this screen has revolution pixels display.  This is first smart phone which is launched by Lenove company.

This smart phone has same feature like Samsung and LG which is very compition. Zuk has recently launched their smart phone named Z1 and that cost Rs 18,250. This smart phone is in the compition of Xiaomi .

Company can  launched their new smart phone in many places.  In Zuk 1 company has given option of USB type port , Battery backup of 4000mAh which is very nice. You will get 13 mega pixels of rear camera with sony sensor and optical image sensor which you get in high smart phones.