Friday 12 February 2016

Top Iphone Apps

While using iphone you get lots of ios software. While seeing all the apps you will get confused that which app is good to download. It is great idea to download free apps and not to download paid apps. Here are some best iphone apps that you can download on your mobile phone.In this article I'will tell you top iphone apps.
Top Iphone Apps

Look at these things before downloading the app on your mobile phone:-
Interface :  The app which you are downloading should be easy to understand. The controls of that app should be easy to understand. It saves your time.

Features : When you are searching for app you want to download it should have a full set of features. Which app has full feature will surely commit to developers commitment.

Graphics : This is important that an app or software which you are downloading must have good graphics.
Program The program file should be normal in size. Smaller the size of the app will you you will have more memory space on your phone. You can download high space games i don’t say that you cant downloads it will take more memory of your phone.

Stability : This is main part. Which apps freeze or restart your phone should not be used.
Here Are The List Of Iphone apps

1. Facebook

Facebook allow you to connect with your friends at any time and at any where. Facebook also allows you to do video chat with your friends. You can manage your pages app on your phone. To download click on link.

2. Instagram

This app is very nice to use. This apps also allow you to gives your photos a new stand. You can share your photo with one click in this software. You can follow all your favorite actors also in instagram. This app is also available for android for android users and you can download this app from App Store.To download click on link.

3. Twitter

Twitter is awesome app and it also allow you to follow your favorite apps music and celebrities. You can follow all your favorites and you can get all latest updates also. It is very nice app. To download click on link.

4. Evernote

This app is very easy to use. You can do many things in this software like you can create to-do-list voice recording you can make notes. In premium mode you can make notes in offline modes. You can use them at any time in offline mode. This app is one of the best iphone app in iphone. To download click on link.

5. Photosynth

In this you can share your photos in panoramas that photo you want to remember. It can be made in any way from down to left & left to right and you can capture it in full sphere . Latest version allows you to share your pics to twitter and etc. To download click on link.

6. Dropbox

With the help of this software you don’t need any data cable or itunes to sync your documents and pictures. This software will create a new folder on your computer and in your phone from where you can sync your data easily. You can download any pdf file in your iphone and with the help of drop you can share that file easily on your computer. To download click on link.